Frequently Asked Questions of AVI DivX to DVD SVCD VCD Converter Guide

1. I just want a clip/segment of my video files. Is it possible?
Yes, it can do it just fine. You need set "Start Time" and "End Time" to get the clip you want. First of all, you should highlight the loaded file in the program. And then check "Split Video" item in menu by clicking right mouse.

2. What video standard(NTSC/PAL) does my country use?
If you're in North America, Japan, Korea, the Philippines and parts of South America, you use NTSC. Most other areas of the world use PAL .

3. Is it possible to save the "Output Format" with the modified settings as a new one for use next time?
Yes. After you finish the modifications, please click right side of the "Setting..." buton and then select "Save As..." menu. After the new "Output Format" is created, it will be shown on the "User Defined" sub menu, and you can delete or re-name it as you like.

4. Audio and video are out off sync...
Please click the "Settings" button on the toolbar, then change the "Video decoder engine" to "Windows Direct Show" to try again.

5. How can I use my computer for other jobs when I converting the video files?
Please select "Tools->General Settings..." menu item, and then change "Process Priority Class" to "Idle Priority Class".