Guide of AVI DivX to DVD SVCD VCD Converter FAQ

Step 1, Click "Add File(s)..." button to select the source video files you want to convert.

Step 2, Organise all the files to a correct order, because the order of source file is the playing order of them in final DVD, VCD or SVCD.

Move the selected source files up.

Move the selected source files down.

Step 3, If you want to edit the video, please click the "Edit Start Time and End Time..." button to edit the selected video.

Slide the Slider Bar to select where you want the new clip to start from, and then click the "Mark Start Time" button to mark the start point. Next, move the Slider Bar until it reaches where you want the video clip to end and click the "Mark End Time" button.

Step 4, Click the "Add Subtitle..." button to add the subtitle onto the selected video, if you need.

Step 5, Sepcify the directory for the converted files by clicking the 'Browse...' button, or just use the default directory, and you can change the output file name or disc label.

Step 6, Change the output file format as you like.

Step 7. Click "Start Converting" button to start converting the video files:

Step 6, After you convert the video files successfully, you can find the converted files on the 'Output Folder'.