Frequently Asked Questions of Ultra MKV Converter Guide

1. I just want to backup my video file on my PC. What is the best choice of the output format for me to choose? I just want to play it on my PC and I would like to get the smallest size with better quality.
Generally speaking, we recommend AVI output by our program. The default codec for AVI in our program is DivX, which can provide better quality as well as smaller output size. If you just want to backup your video file on your hard drive, you'd better select AVI.

2. After I convert video files to AVI/DivX, I can only get the audio playback in Windows Media Player while it shows that I need download certain codec. No video can be watched. Why?
It's because you do not have the DivX codec installed on your PC, please download DivX codec from for free, After the installation, Windows Media Player will be able to play AVI files produced by our program.

3. I just want a clip/segment of my video files. Is it possible?
Yes, it can do it just fine. You need set "Start Time" and "End Time" to get the clip you want. First of all, you should highlight the loaded file in the program. And then check "Split Video" item in menu by clicking right mouse.

4. I have successfully joined some files to AVI format. But when I watch them on my PC, I always see a DivX logo at the bottom of the playback screen. Is it possible to avoid it?
The default video codec for AVI output in our program is DivX. So you will see such a logo during the playback. If you do not like it, please select "xvid" as video codec on the main interface. We provide "XviD Format (*.AVI)" output, which will also assure an excellent AVI output.

5. What video standard(NTSC/PAL) does my country use?
If you're in North America, Japan, Korea, the Philippines and parts of South America, you use NTSC. Most other areas of the world use PAL .

6. I have converted a video file successfully, but I can't play the converted file in my system, Why?
It is because of there is no CODEC of the converted file in your system. You should install the more CODECS, such as DivX,Xvid,MPEG2 video codec and AC3 audio codec. You can install K-Lite Codec Pack on our recommendation. It is a free software for you. You can download it form .

7. The software crashes with the Windows error every time I try to join video files.
Please click the "Settings" button on the toolbar, then change the "Video decoder engine" to "Windows Direct Show" to try again.

8. Audio and video are out off sync...
Please click the "Settings" button on the toolbar, then change the "Video decoder engine" to "Windows Direct Show" to try again.

9. How can I use my computer for other jobs when I converting the video files?
Please select "Tools->General Settings..." menu item, and then change "Process Priority Class" to "Idle Priority Class".