Guide of Ultra Video Splitter FAQ

Step 1. Launch the program and click "Open..." button to import the source video file to be splitted:

Step 2. Ultra Video Splitter can autoload the subtitle file if it has the same filename as the video file (naturally with a different filename extension), and the subtitle file in the same folder with the video file. If you want to remove the subtitle file or load a subtifile from other folder, please click "Add Subtitle..." button.

Step 3. Slide the Slider Bar to select where you want the new clip to start from, and then click the "Mark Start Time" button to mark the start point. Next, move the Slider Bar until it reaches where you want the video clip to end and click the "Mark End Time" button.

Step 4. Select a Splitting Mode as you like.

Step 5. specify a directory for output files by clicking the "Brower..." button, or just use the default directory. If you want to change the output file name, please change it in the "Output File Name" edit box.

Step 6. Click "Output Format" combo-box to choose appropriate format accroding to your need:

Step 7. Click "Start Splitting" button to start splitting the video file:

Step 8. After Ultra Video Splitter shows "Mession Completed", please select "Open" submenu item, you will reach the output folder directly, from where you will find the output splitted file: