Frequently Asked Questions of Ultra WMV MPEG AVI to FLV Converter Guide

1. Where can I found the output files after the conversion?
You can find the output files on the "Output Folder", the default output folder for this program is "c:\flash_video". And you can change the "Output Folder" by click the "Browse..." button.

2. I just want a clip/segment of my video files. Is it possible?
Yes, it can do it just fine. You need set "Start Time" and "End Time" to get the clip you want. First of all, you should highlight the loaded file in the program, and then check "Edit Start Time And End Time" item in menu by clicking right mouse.

3. Can I change the audio volume for the output media file?
Yes, you can fina a "Audio Volume" combobox on right side of the main window.

4. Is it possible to save the "Output Format" with the modified settings as a new one for use next time?
Yes. After you finish the modifications, please click right side of the "Setting..." buton and then select "Save As..." menu. After the new "Output Format" is created, it will be shown on the "User Defined" sub menu, and you can delete or re-name it as you like.

5. I have many files to convert. How can I import them simultaneously? It means I want to import many files by one time.
You'd better put all your files into one folder and open it with our software. Multi-selection is available by pressing "CTRL" key and highlighting them at same time. Actually, our software supports "dragging to load". It means you can select all the files you want to convert in the Window and then drag them into the program. Our software will get them loaded automatically. It is quite convenient.

6. How to support RM/RMVB files?
You need to install RealPlayer. Download it from

7. How to support MKV files?
You need to install Matroska Pack Full. Download it from

8. When i import a video file, it throw out "No decodor to decode this video file", Why?
It is because of there is not CODEC for this video file in your system. You can install K-Lite Codec Pack on our recommendation. It is a free software for you. You can download it form